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DevOps Engineer



Software Engineering
United States · Remote
Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2024
As a DevOps Engineer at Posh, you will be part of a team focused on developing and maintaining our infrastructure and development environments. You will also develop and nurture our CI/CD practices - utilizing a range of tools to improve the process of building, testing, and deployment of applications. Security best practices will be at the forefront of everything you work on.


  • Develop/expand/maintain infrastructure on GCP and AWS
  • Interact with and maintain Kubernetes clusters on GCP (GKE). Work with developers to deploy applications on Kubernetes. Help them with issues they may face deploying applications on Kubernetes.
  • Work with helm charts deployed through ArgoCD, help developers create charts for new applications, maintain existing ones, encourage best practices
  • Configuring firewall rules, network policies, identifying and resolving networking issues.
  • Developing/maintaining/encouraging monitoring best practices (e.g. metrics for observability and alerting). Guide developers on what type of observability metrics matter for their apps.
  • Developing/maintaining CI/CD process. Research new tech/tools/techniques that could improve the process. Work with developers to resolve issues with the process.
  • Work closely with the security team to ensure infrastructure and CI/CD processes comply with security best practices. Enforce strict RBAC on applications and users - use best practices for this.
  • Ensure image builds are following best practices (e.g. reduce bloat, build times, vulnerabilities are accounted for, up-to-date).
  • Ensure applications running on Kubernetes are secure and isolated from other apps; do not have more privileges than required.
  • Write automation tools/scripts.
  • Maintain infrastructure as code. Transition existing infrastructure to IaC.
  • Find tech/tools that can help solve new problems or existing in-efficiencies.


  • Strong Kubernetes experience application-side (e.g. deployments, services, ingress, service account, RBAC, network policies)
  • Good understanding of Kubernetes architecture/networking (e.g. control plane, app nodes, Kubelet, traffic routing)
  • Experience with GCP/AWS
  • Understand basic Networking concepts (e.g. VPC, subnets, firewall rules, ports, peering)
  • Good scripting skills (with shell, python, typescript)
  • Strong understanding of basic CI/CD processes (e.g. restricted branches, MRs, environments, verification)
  • Strong understanding of container concepts, experience w/ Dockerfiles, image build best practices.
  • Strong debugging skills - ability to pinpoint issues based on understanding of infrastructure/architecture.
  • Strong documentation skills


  • Experience with Datadog
  • NodeJS and Python experience
  • Experience with Gitlab CI/CD - how gitlab Kubernetes runner works.
  • Worked with Nginx controller
  • Advanced helm concepts (e.g. using tpl for templating, sub charts, storing charts in registry)
  • Experience with Terraform
  • Experience with Kubernetes Webhooks
  • Experience with Golang
  • You’ll have a great time here if you:
  • Enjoy working along-side other teams and bridging communication between teams.
  • Love finding unique ways to solve problems.
  • Take feedback from team members to surface new problems.
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